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Compressor Image Size Guide

“Welcome to Compress Image Size”

1. Select Image

Below the welcome message, you will find a file input field labeled “Compress Your Image.”

Click on the file input field to select an image file from your device.

2. Compression Process

After selecting an image, click the “Compress Image” button.

The tool will begin the compression process for the selected image.

During the compression process, the tool will display information about the original and compressed image sizes, as well as the compression ratio.

You will see the original file size, the compressed file size, and the percentage reduction in size due to compression.

3. Compressed Image Preview

Once the compression process is complete, a preview of the compressed image will appear below the compression information.

The preview allows you to visually inspect the quality of the compressed image compared to the original.

4. Download Compressed Image

After reviewing the compression results and the compressed image preview, you can choose to download the compressed image.

Click on the “Download Compressed Image” button to initiate the download of the compressed image file.

The downloaded file will be named “compressed_image.jpg” by default.

Additional Tips:

Larger image files will result in longer compression times.

Experiment with different image quality settings (e.g., adjust the quality factor in the code) to achieve the desired balance between image size reduction and image quality.